SOOS Data Management Sub-Committee (DMSC)


Advising on managing & publishing data from Southern Ocean observation projects

The SOOS Data Management Sub-Committee (DMSC) provides guidance to the SOOS Scientific Steering Committee on the most cost effective collaborative mechanisms for managing and publishing data from Southern Ocean observation projects.

Specific objectives of the DMSC:

  1. Advise the SOOS Scientific Steering Committee (SSC) and the SOOS International Project Office (IPO) on the data management requirements for the SOOS initiative.

  2. In collaboration with SOOS stakeholders, develop a practical, sustainable and cost-effective strategy for the long-term management and timely publication of SOOS observations.

  3. Encourage SOOS partners and others to store relevant data in publicly accessible data repositories and make their metadata records accessible through the SOOS metadata portal.

  4. Act on requests and suggestions by the SOOS SSC and SOOS scientific community for new developments in data management products and strategies.

  5. Explore opportunities to secure funding for SOOS related data management and data publication initiatives.

New members welcome:

The DMSC is inviting nominations of individuals, who have a professional data management expertise and who are affiliated with (inter)national data centres, networks and/or scientific data programmes. We particularly encourage applications from candidates of traditionally underrepresented groups. Click the button below to nominate yourself or someone you know, who wants to: 

  • Be part of an international community of data professionals with a special interest in Southern Ocean data systems

  • Contribute to the unique pool of expertise

  • Share knowledge, network and discuss challenges related to managing data, developing data systems or adopting the principles of FAIR and open data

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DMSC group photo at the DMSC Meeting 2023 in Hobart, Australia.
The DMSC comprises members who have professional data management expertise and who are affiliated with international and national data centres, networks and scientific data programmes. New members are welcome (click the button above to nominate).

Current DMSC Members

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