Special Issue: Call for papers


Due Date: 31 March 2022

Guest editors: Markus Janout, Laura de Steur, Sebastien Moreau, Mia Wege, Mario Hoppema, Christian Haas, and Carol Robinson


The Weddell Sea Dronning Maud Land Regional Working Group is hosting a special issue in the journals of Copernicus following the 2020 online WSDML Working Group meeting. It is an inter-journal special issue of three journals Ocean Science, Biogeosciences and The Cryosphere entitled "The Weddell Sea and the ocean off Dronning Maud Land: unique oceanographic conditions shape circumpolar and global processes – a multi-disciplinary study (OS/BG/TC inter-journal SI)".

You can submit your manuscript to one of these journals, and it will be part of the same online special issue. Upon submission, you will be asked whether the manuscript shall be part of a special issue, then please choose ours with the above title. When the manuscript is accepted for publication, it will be published on the website of the journal without delay.


Submission pages:

For Ocean Science: https://www.ocean-science.net/submission.html

For Biogeosciences: https://www.biogeosciences.net/submission.html

For  The Cryosphere: https://www.the-cryosphere.net/submission.html


You can find information on our special issue on all the journals' websites: 





The special issue is not limited to participants of the workshop; it is open to anybody publishing work in the Weddell region. Please share this information through your channels.