Data sharing is at the heart of SOOS. Everyone knows that Southern Ocean data is expensive and logistically difficult to collect, and that there's never enough of it. But there's more out there than you might expect, and we're working to make it all accessible from one place. The aim is that we, as a research community, can maximise the scientific value of observations collected in the Southern Ocean, no matter who collected them, or when, or why. At the same time, SOOS wants to protect researchers' rights to get first use out of data that they collected.

You can search for existing datasets through the SOOS metadata portal on NASA's Global Change Master Directory.

You can find out more about easy and secure ways to share your data and metadata here.

You can find out more about the SOOS data policy here.

The Data Management Sub-Committee (DMSC) leads SOOS' efforts to improve data sharing among the Southern Ocean research community. You can find out more about the DMSC here.

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