• The Ocean Observatories Initiative (OOI) is now collecting, processing and sharing vast amounts of data on the oceans.

  • Antarctic Edge: 70° South is a science-adventure story that combines exploration, oceans, dramatic imagery and two decades of scientific collaboration into a compelling character-driven narrative.

  • The SOCCOM project is now in its second season of deploying autonomous biogeochemical floats to make sustained observations of the carbon cycle.

  • The recently-launched ORCHESTRA (2016-2021) project is a major new UK contribution to SOOS.

  • A few key activities have consumed the IPO staff’s time since the last newsletter issue, including the SCAR/SCOR review of SOOS progress and the updated SOOS website.

A key objective of SOOS is the development of a data system that provides seamless access to essential data products for the Southern Ocean
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