OASIIS Workshop Presentations
Year: 2017
Type: Presentation
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Esmee van Wijk/

Richard Coleman                 
 Local arrangements, setting the scene, scientific rationale, building on the 2014 Strategy, POGO WG, meeting objectives                                                           
  Session 1:  Observations of the Ocean Beneath Sea Ice        
Anna Wahlin The under-ice observational gap
Steve Rintoul Seeing below the ice: an update of the scientific motivation for under-ice observations
Karen Heywood How do we get year round measurements on the Antarctic continental shelf?
Jean-Baptiste Sallee How sea-ice impacts large-scale ocean circulation in Antarctica
  Session 2: Ocean Ice Shelf Interaction          Convenor: Louise Newman
Kay Ohshima Direct observations of coastal polynyas and glacier-ocean interaction in the East Antarctica
Jiuxin Shi Observing the polynya and ocean under sea ice in Prydz Bay, Antarctica
Laura Herraiz-Borreguero  Ice shelf-ocean interaction and tracers in East Antarctica
Pierre Dutrieux  Ocean observations near and beneath West Antarctic ice shelves: warm and cold ocean modes
Pierre Dutrieux Ocean and coupled dynamics controls on the spatio-temporal variability of ice shelf melt in the Amundsen Sea
Svein Osterhus Long-term observing system for the oceanic regime of Filchner-Ronne Ice Shelf, Antarctica
Harmut Hellmer Long term monitoring of the Filchner Ice shelf
  Session 3: Boundary Layer Observations        Convenor: Richard Coleman
Natalie Robinson McMurdo Sound: An accessible laboratory for ice shelf / ocean processes
  Session 4: Modelling Perspectives and OSSE's      Convenor: Steve Rintoul
Ian Fenty and Matt Mazloff Observation System Simulation Experiments in under-ice environments

David Gwyther and Ben Galton-Fenzi 

Using Ocean and Ice-sheet models to inform observations
Xylar Asay-Davis Physics of the ocean boundary layer below ice shelves: the relationship between modeling and observations
  Session 5: Platforms and Proxies       Convenor: Laura Herraiz-Borreguero
Esmee van Wijk Status and outlook for under-ice Argo 
Steve Riser Biogeochemical Observations Under Antarctic Sea Ice:  Observations from Profiling Floats
Olaf Boebel Weddell Gyre circulation and water mass formation
Craig Lee  Operating Seagliders for extended under-ice missions in Baffin Bay and the Beaufort Sea
Alex Brearley  Heat transport in the West Antarctic from autonomous glider observations
Lars Boehme Animal-borne instruments in the seasonal ice zone
Eric Rehm An evolving multipurpose acoustic network for Baffin Bay
Eric Rehm and Marcel Babin Under-ice navigation in Arctic (Baffin Bay) with autonomous platforms
Ian Fenty New technology to conduct under-ice observations using instrumented autonomous underwater vehicles and rovers
Hanumant Singh AUV’s for Under-ice studies
Alex Forrest  Charting ice-ocean interactions within subglacial channels of an Antarctic ice shelf
Stefanie Arndt for Mario Hoppman New autonomous and remotely operated technologies for interdisciplinary sea ice research
Stefanie Arndt Recent and future studies on Remotely Operated Vehicles: Interdisciplinary research under Arctic and Antarctic sea ice
David Holland and Peter Davis  NECKLACE: progress and outlook
Ted Scambos Automated Atmosphere-Ice-Ocean Observation on the Nansen Ice Shelf (sub ice-shelf mooring)
Jamin Greenbaum The East Antarctic Grounding Line Experiment: Aerogeophysics for coastal bathymetry and subglacial freshwater discharge in East Antarctica
  Session 6: Field Work Highlights Convenor: Alex Brearley
Sanghoon Lee

          Dotson and Getz Ice Shelf in the Amundsen sector via IBRV Araon

Laura De Steur

          Ocean data collected under Fimbul Ice Shelf

Justin Lawrence ROV/AUV operations beneath the McMurdo/Ross Ice Shelves, Antarctica
Volker Strass

         Southern Ocean physics, biodiversity, and biogeochemical fluxes in a changing climate

Irena Vankova

         Long term monitoring of deep warm water sources for Helheim Glacier (East Greenland) and Jakobshavn Isbræ (West Greenland)

Paul Chamberlain Under ice uncertainty estimates/ acoustic float tracking
  Session 7: Discussion - Integration and Synthesis


Long-term observing system for the oceanic regime of Filchner-Ronne Ice Shelf, Antarctica

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