Blue and Fin Whale Acoustic Trends

The Acoustic Trends Working Group aims to implement a long-term research program examining trends in Southern Ocean Antarctic blue and fin whale population growth, distribution and seasonal presence using passive acoustic monitoring techniques.

In the Southern Ocean, Antarctic blue whales and fin whales were severely depleted during commercial whaling. To monitor the post-exploitation status of both species in this remote area, the Acoustic Trends Working Group has proposed the use of a circum-Antarctic network of passive acoustic recorders.


Current Activities

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AT is open membership. If you would like to be involved, please contact Brian Miller (Brian.Miller at


Leadership Team:

Flore Samaran

Kate Stafford
Susannah Buchan
Ken Findlay 
Danielle Harris 
Brian Miller 
Ilse Van Opzeeland
Ana Širovi?


Working Group Members:


Contributing Field and Modeling Activities

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