Kimberlee Baldry with a Biogeochemical Argo (Photo: Andrew Rhodes)

SCAR Fellowship Recipient to Study Southern Ocean BGC-Argo Data

Congratulations to Kimberlee Baldry, a PhD student with the Antarctic Gateway Partnership and Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies, University of Tasmania. Kimberlee is one of just eight early career researchers to be awarded a 2019 SCAR Fellowship.

The fellowship will allow Kimberlee to visit the Laboratorie d’Océanographe de Villefranche, France to help improve the applicability and usability of Southern Ocean Biogeochemical Argo (BGC-Argo). Specifically, Kimberlee will be working on the large-scale use of BGC-Argo chlorophyll-a fluorescence data for application to phytoplankton biomass estimates in the Southern Ocean. During her 4-month visit, she will be focusing on:

1)     The conversion of chlorophyll-a fluorescence to chlorophyll-a concentrations for phytoplankton biomass quantification

2)     The integration of Southern Ocean data from different data assembly centres and quality control for large-scale applications.

Kim will be publishing the BGC-Argo data processed through her fellowship on SOOSmap.

This project has been endorsed by the SOOS Scientific Steering Committee.

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