Observing System Design WG Call for Participants

The Observing System Design Working Group aims to analyze methods and provide guidance for optimizing observational strategies. The working group is seeking interested participants to assist the mission and enhance collaboration on this important topic. This Observing System Design Working Group is a mechanism to identify and bring together a network of expertise as well as initiate discussions on the subject. Telecons and meetings will be periodically scheduled to discuss the subject and current research activities.

Overall goals include:

  1. Building a network of collaborators and expertise for observing system designs
  2. Instigating discussions on improving methodologies and capabilities for observing system design
  3. Providing consulting resources that the ocean observing community can go to for advice on observing system design
  4. Collaborating with other working groups to understand observational needs

Specific tasks include:

  1. Compiling and sharing useful methodologies
  2. Assessing methods for estimating covariance scales, also informing how well observable quantities constrain other properties of interest.
  3. Assessing mapping and reconstruction methods
  4. Assessing methods for observing system design experiments (OSSEs)
  5. Building user-friendly OSSE tools

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