New Chinese partnership

  • April 2018

Dr Yuhua Pei

The Southern Ocean Observing System is excited to announce a new partnership with China's State Oceanic Administration, beginning this year.

The agency will become a major co-sponsor of the SOOS International Project Office, and has appointed postdoctoral research fellow Dr Yuhua Pei to work at the office in Hobart, Tasmania, for an initial period of one year.

Dr Pei's expertise is focused on the ocean's role in the global climate system, numerical modelling and polar climate variability. She has significant experience in data analysis and statistical methods, as well as software programming.

Her role will focus on three key tasks:

  1. Research and documentation of international efforts to identify Essential Ocean Variables (EOVs) for the Southern Ocean; development of mechanism for quantification of EOV requirements; facilitation of international review of EOV requirements; delivery of online templates on EOV requirements.
  2. Integration of mooring data identified in the SOOS Mooring Network project into a single portal; quality control and standardisation of metadata.
  3. Organisation of four scientific SOOS meetings, including liaising with local Chinese hosts, development of scientific programs, and coordination of logistics. Dr Pei's scientific expertise and close relationship with the Second Institute of Oceanography will play a key role in the success of the international scientific meetings, which will be held in Hangzhou, China in May this year and hosted by the institute.

Dr Pei will work closely with international researchers and data managers to support delivery of these tasks.

The State Oceanic Administration joins the Australian Research Council’s Antarctic Gateway Partnership, the University of Tasmania (Australia) and the University of Gothenburg (Sweden) in providing core sponsorship of the International Project Office hosting and staff.

SOOS looks forward to a close working relationship with the Agency throughout the year, and in-person at the international scientific meetings planned for May in Hangzhou.

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