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Over the past year, International Project Office time has been dedicated to delivering four key data and coordination tools for you. Additionally, our Communications Officer in charge of producing the newsletter, Hanne Neilson, is in the final stages of delivering her PhD thesis! So the SOOS newsletter has taken a back-stage role this year…apologies for the silence!


2016 Annual Report

The 2016 Annual Report is available for download from the SOOS resources database.


Implementation Plan – Deliverables

Want to know SOOS’ planned deliverables for the coming years, and how we are tracking? Check out the SOOS 5-Year Implementation Plan and new Table of Deliverables on our website.


SOOS Scientific Steering Committee membership

SOOS welcomed three new Scientific Steering Committee members in January this year.

Anya Waite is a biological oceanographer at the Alfred Wegener Institute in Germany. Anya’s expertise is in food-web mapping, plankton genetics, particle dynamics and biogeochemical cycling. She also has broad multi-disciplinary interests and will contribute across many of the SOOS spheres of interest. Anya also brings strong connections to national and international field efforts in the Weddell Sea region, greatly strengthening our reach in this region.

Dake Chen is a physical oceanographer at the Second Institute of Oceanography in China. Dake has broad experience in the development of international and national observing programs (such as the redesign of the GOOS Tropical Pacific Observing System), which will be important for the development of the SOOS observing plan. Dake’s role in development of the Chinese polar program will also greatly strengthen our connections with the Chinese community.

Burcu Ozsoy is an expert in sea-ice remote sensing and the founding Director of the Istanbul Technical University Polar Research Centre in Turkey. Burcu’s close ties with ASPeCt and the Antarctic Fast Ice Network help maintain these important connections for SOOS, and her expertise in remote sensing and sea-ice observations will be a key contribution to the development of the observing system in coming years.



Our three new Scientific Steering Committee members Anya Waite, Dake Chen and Burcu Ozsoy.


SOOS Executive Committee

The SOOS Executive Committee has also undergone changes. In June this year, Anna Wåhlin (Physical Sciences Co-Chair, UGot, Sweden) finished her three-year term as SOOS Co-Chair, and a six-year sting on the SOOS Scientific Steering Committee. We thank Anna for her inspirational leadership and support throughout the past six years!

Oscar Schofield (Rutgers, USA) also stepped down from his position as Biological Sciences Co-Chair in June this year, however he is continuing on the Executive Committee for an additional one-year term as Biological Sciences Vice Chair.

Our Vice Chairs, Sebastiaan Swart (UGot, Sweden) and Andrew Constable (AAD, Australia), were both elected as the new Physical Sciences and Biological Sciences Co-Chairs, respectively. And joining Oscar Schofield as a Vice Chair is Mike Williams (NIWA, NZ), who was elected from the Scientific Steering Committee to serve as the new Physical Sciences Vice Chair.

The SOOS IPO is excited to work with the new executive committee over the coming years!


Call for nominations

In April 2018, five inaugural Scientific Steering Committee members will rotate off the committee following completion of their second three-year term. In preparation we are now calling for nominations of new members. For details, visit our nominations page.


SOOS National Representatives

SOOS welcomed two new National Representatives this year:

Piotr Kuklinski is a polar ecologist at the Institute of Oceanology, Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland. Piotr is an expert in polar ecology, taxonomy and systematics and is the first Polish national representative for SOOS.

Sandra Barreira is Director of Research at the Argentine Naval Hydrographic Service, Argentina. She is a meteorologist with interests in sea-ice modelling and climate variability, and is the first Argentinean National Representative for SOOS.

If you would like more information on any of the above, please contact me at the International Project Office ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ).

Louise Newman



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