Olaf Boebel from the Alfred Wegener Institute gives a presentation on the institute's hybrid float observing system in the Weddell Sea during the SOOS "Weddell-Dronning Maud Land Symposium".

SOOS spends a busy week at the Alfred Wegener Institute

  • December 2017

The Alfred Wegener Institute played host to SOOS for a week in June this year, helping us work our way through five workshops and meetings.

As well as holding the SOOS Executive Committee meeting our Scientific Steering Committee also put their heads together, focusing on developing community involvement in SOOS activities and reviewing the progress of SOOS Working Groups.

You can download the steering committee minutes from our website.

We also held a joint symposium with our hosts, the Alfred Wegener Institute, to discuss existing international observing efforts in the Weddell/Dronning Maud Land region and to propose a way forward with development of the Weddell/DML Regional Working Group for SOOS.

More information on the development of this group will be available on our website in the coming months. If you want to be involved in this Working Group’s activities please contact Julian Gutt and/or Torsten Kranzow, who have volunteered to help initiate this effort.

In what was a very busy week in Germany the SOOS Data Management Sub-Committee also held their annual meeting, with representatives from many national and international data centres. Key items discussed were DueSouth and SOOSmap, and how to further develop the SOOS Mooring data effort.

The minutes from this meeting are also available on our website.

The final meeting of the week was the POGO OASIIS Working Group workshop - “Observing and Understanding the Ocean beneath Antarctic sea ice and ice shelves”.

We’ll publish more information on the outcomes of this workshop once available on our OASSIIS page.

SOOS thanks the Alfred Wegener Institute for its amazing support of these five meetings, in particular the help of Stephanie Thielebeule in organising all logistical requirements for the week!

SOOS further thanks SCAR, SCOR and the Australian Research Councils Antarctic Gateway Partnership, for their support of these meetings!

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