SOOSmap – a new way to find circumpolar datasets


SOOSmap is your one-stop-shop for finding circumpolar, internationally-curated datasets of observations. From SOOSmap, you can access data from Argo floats, ferry boxes, long-term moorings, CTD profiles, and data buoys.

In coming weeks and months we will add many more layers to SOOSmap. As it continues to grow, SOOSmap will host data from all kinds of Southern Ocean platforms and observing projects – including physical, chemical, and biological ocean sciences. Data that are suitable for publication through SOOSmap are circumpolar in extent and include data from all or most of the nations collecting those kinds of observations. For data types that change frequently (e.g. Argo floats) SOOSmap delivers live feeds from the relevant central data repositories (e.g. JCOMMOPS). For data types that are updated less frequently and are not already available through online servers, we can publish them as static layers.

Developers at EMODnet Physics are constructing SOOSmap for us as part of their mission to support regional ocean observing systems. If your favourite kind of ocean data is not available through SOOSmap yet, please contact our data officer, Pip Bricher, on data[at] to discuss how to get it published.

You can access SOOSmap from the SOOS homepage or directly at

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