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As the community gears up for a big field season, the International Project Office is ticking boxes towards delivering a number of key products, and is preparing for a big year of SOOS workshops and meetings!


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Annual community calendar

It is getting harder to keep up-to-date on all of the meetings and workshops taking place each year that are relevant to SOOS and the community. It is also almost impossible to organise dates for meetings and workshops that do not clash with a number of other events!

To help you plan your year of meeting travel and to aid workshop organisation, SOOS has put together an annual view of upcoming meetings of direct relevance to SOOS. This Annual Calendar is currently a static document but if resources become available we will endeavour to link each meeting directly to the SOOS events database or the official meeting website.

Check it out here and please provide feedback if you have ideas on how to improve this service ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )!


SOOS Publications and Resources

New to the SOOS Resources Database is the long-awaited publication of the SOOS-CliC- SCAR Satellite Data Task Team, published in Antarctic Science. The publication provides a community review of the requirements for satellite data of the Southern Ocean research and logistics community.

Also available on the Resources Database is a recent powerpoint presentation overview of SOOS in 2016, and a SOOS poster that was recently presented at the SCAR Open Science Conference.


Southern Ocean Network of Moorings

As highlighted in the previous newsletter issue, SOOS is working with the community to identify the location of all moorings in the Southern Ocean, and provide direct access to the mooring data.

To update on this important product, Pip Bricher (SOOS Data Officer) is working with David Pasquale at University of Colorado, Boulder, to make discoverable Ross Sea mooring data from New Zealand and Italy, and all NOAA-funded moorings. This data will soon be discoverable through the US national Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI), and following this, will be linked to the interactive Moorings Map on the SOOS website. For more information on this project, contact Pip Bricher. This project is supported by a Big Earth Discovery Initiative from NCEI, with Florence Fetterer (National Snow and Ice Data Center, SOOS data committee) and Melissa Zweng (NCEI) as co-principal investigators.


SOOS Scientific Steering Committee meeting minutes

The SOOS Scientific Steering Committee meeting was held from 12-14th May this year, hosted by Scripps institution of Oceanography, USA. A core focus of these meetings was discussion of the SCAR/SCOR international review of SOOS, and planning for implementation activities in 2016/2017. The SSC meeting minutes are now available here on the SOOS website.

SOOS thanks Scripps, SCAR, SCOR and our other supporters for their support of this meeting!


SOOS thanks exiting SSC members

Three inaugural Scientific Steering Committee members will be rotating off the SSC at the end of 2016. Prof. Steve Ackley, Dr Jiping Liu and Dr Alberto Naveira Garabato all joined the SSC in 2012 and have played an integral part in driving SOOS forward. On behalf of the SOOS Executive Committee and the rest of the SOOS SSC, I would like to thank Steve, Jiping and Alberto for their enthusiasm and efforts. We hope that they remain active members of the SOOS community!

Three new SSC members will be starting in 2017. The SOOS Executive Committee is currently reviewing the nominations we received from the recent open call. An announcement on new members will be made in the first newsletter of 2017.


Upcoming SOOS Meetings

2017 will be a busy year of meetings for SOOS! Keep an eye out on our calendar for all updates and to get involved!

1)     The West Antarctic Peninsula working group (WAP WG) will be holding its first strategic workshop from the 15-16th May 2017, followed by a scientifically focussed Royal Society symposium on the 17-18th May. Participation in the WG strategic workshop is open to all. Please contact WAP WG co-chairs for more information.

2)     The annual committee meetings for SOOS will take place between the 10 – 16 June 2017, hosted by the Alfred Wegener Institute, Germany. This week of meetings includes the annual SOOS Executive Committee, Scientific Steering Committee and Data Management Sub-Committee meetings. More information here.

3)     The POGO Working Group on “Observing and understanding the ocean below Antarctic sea ice and ice shelves (OASIIS)” will be holding its workshop from the 14-17th June 2017, hosted by the Alfred Wegener Institute, and sponsored by SOOS and POGO. This workshop will build on the 2014 SOOS international strategy “Seeing below the Ice”.

4)     The Southern Ocean Indian Sector Working Group (SOIS WG) is also in development, and is planning its first workshop, likely to be held in August 2017. More information is coming soon, so please keep an eye on the SOIS WG webpage.

5)     The Ross Sea Working Group (Ross WG) is also starting to form, with co-chairs Mike Williams and Walker Smith planning for a first workshop, likely to be held in China in late 2017. In light of the recent CCAMLR decision on development of a Marine Protected Area in the Ross Sea, this Working Group will work closely with the CCAMLR observations and modelling team to avoid duplication and align observational requirements.


If you would like more information on any of the above, please contact me at the International Project Office ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ).

Louise Newman

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