DMSC Meeting Minutes

Outcomes from May 2016 Meeting

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  • August 2016

The SOOS data management sub-committee (DMSC) met in San Diego in May 2016 to set the agenda for a year of data management activities. Key outcomes from the meeting include:

  • Plans to improve the SOOS metadata portal, and to draw in metadata from core data repositories around the world. 
  • Designing a solution for housing Southern Ocean mooring data.
  • Discussions about improving relationships with other data management groups who perform similar roles to SOOS in other geographic and scientific domains.
  • Refining the key result areas against which the success of the DMSC’s activities will be assessed
  • Developing solutions for storing data from the NECKLACE program, which aims to assess basal melting rates on ice shelves around Antarctica.
  • Refining strategies for funding.
  • Fully developing the field projects database as a tool for sharing plans about upcoming field projects, and to help researchers start collaborations, at the time when it counts, before the data are even collected.
  • Developing plans to work with SOCCOM to improve data sharing between the SOCCOM researchers and the broader Southern Ocean research community.

The minutes for the 2016 DMSC annual meeting are available here

Figure 1:  SOOS DMSC members Co-Chair Steve Diggs (CCHDO, USA) and Alex Kozyr (CDIAC, USA) at the 2016 DMSC meeting

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