Antarctic Edge: 70° South

Recent film based on work in the West Antarctic Peninsula

In 2014 the United States National Science Foundation funded two filmmakers to join the Palmer Long Term Ecosystem Research annual survey of the West Antarctic Peninsula. The filmmakers collected gorgeous footage and worked with scientists to develop Antarctic Edge: 70° South, a feature length award-winning documentary by Dena Seidel about climate change.

Antarctic Edge: 70° South is a science-adventure story that combines exploration, dramatic imagery and two decades of scientific collaboration into a compelling character-driven narrative. Amongst others, the film features SOOS-affiliated oceanographer Oscar Schofield.

Antarctic Edge: 70° South was released in May 2015 and has garnered interest in movie theatres and on social media stores (NetFlix, iTunes). The film has won numerous awards and continues to do well in a range in film festivals. to view the trailer or to find out more about the film, visit

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