SOOS Metadata Portal

An April 2016 update on the data discovery tool that is the SOOS metadata portal

We’re working hard to continue adding records to the SOOS metadata portal on the GCMD.

You can start using it to help you streamline your search for Southern Ocean data - we draw in records related to any of SOOS’ Essential Ocean Variables from all oceans south of 40°S from all researchers who have metadata held by the GCMD. A metadata portal is an extremely valuable data discovery tool and we’re aiming to make sure that all Southern Ocean research data is safely stored in a data centre and that its associated metadata record is available through the SOOS metadata portal. We have some way to go to achieve this goal, and we cannot do it without you.

You can also help us to make this portal even more useful for Southern Oceanographers - check to see whether your metadata records are in there. If not, it is likely due to one of a few major causes - perhaps you haven’t submitted your data and metadata to a national or discipline-specific data centre; perhaps your data centre does not yet have a relationship with the GCMD; or perhaps your metadata record is one of the few already in the GCMD that isn’t being caught by our portal.

The GCMD is introducing a new metadata format (the Common Metadata Repository) that will make it easier to share metadata records created through different systems, and it is taking some time for this to get bedded in. Once the CMR is working smoothly, we expect the SOOS portal to grow rapidly. In the meantime, it is difficult for us at SOOS Central to know what should be there but isn’t, so please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , to let us know what isn’t there and she can help make your metadata discoverable to the rest of the research community.

SOOS Metadata Portal

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