Quantarctica User Survey

Responses are sought for a Quantarctica user survey, to inform the 2017 version 3 release

Responses are currently being sought for a Quantarctica user survey. The free, standalone open GIS package was developed by the Norwegian Polar Institute for Antarctic science and mapping.This geospatial data package is built on the open-source, cross-platform QGIS software, and the current version includes glaciology/geophysics data as well as satellite imagery. Oceanography is prioritized in the next version.

The User Survey is meant for everyone in the Antarctic community, including those who have never used Quantarctica or GIS software. Feedback from this survey will be used to prioritize improvements and additions to Quantarctica v3. The survey will close on May 31st.

 Quantarctica User Survey (5 minutes):

The next version of Quantarctica, releasing in 2017, will focus on increasing the breadth and depth of the included open data from an expanded array of international partners and investigators. Priorities for this new version include Antarctic climatology, biology, oceanography, and atmospheric sciences. The Quantarctica project is also expanding its educational outreach through online and video user tutorials and user workshops.

As part of this enhanced outreach effort, the buildup to the 2016 SCAR Open Science Conference in Kuala Lumpur, and the upcoming release of Quantarctica v3, the Quantarctica project team has assembled a User Survey, with three main goals:

  • Collecting basic demographic information about Quantarctica's diverse user community
  • Soliciting and identifying new datasets for inclusion in future versions of Quantarctica
  • Identifying user priorities for new features and technical improvements

For more on the Quantarctica product, see the links below:

The Quantarctica project team appreciate your feedback, and look forward to bringing the next version of Quantarctica to the Antarctic community!

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