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Newsletter Issue 8, Nov 2015

It has been a long time between newsletter issues so there is a lot to report! The SOOS community and Project Office have been very busy in 2015!

There have been a number of key meetings and workshops, publications, development of a new implementation structure for SOOS, development of the 5-Year Strategic Plan, and a new website—all highlighted in this issue. Enjoy!

SOOS Data Officer

SOOS is delighted to announce the growth of the SOOS Project Office from 1 to 2 staff members! Funded through the Australian Research Council's Special Research Initiative for Antarctic Gateway Partnership (Project ID SR140300001), Dr Phillippa (aka Pip) Bricher was hired in May as the SOOS Data Officer. Pip’s core areas of focus are the population of the GCMD Southern Ocean Metadata Portal, development and production of the Field Projects Portal, and administration and management of the SOOS Data Management Sub-Committee activities. If you have any questions about data activities for SOOS, please contact Pip at data [at]

Welcome Pip!

Thank you Angelika Brandt

Inaugural SOOS Scientific Steering Committee member Angelika Brandt (Uni. Hamburg, Germany) is rotating off the committee at the end of 2015. SOOS would like to thank Angelika for her contribution over the last 4 years. We hope that she will remain involved in SOOS activities into the future!

All the best Angelika!

SOOS National Representatives

SOOS is happy to welcome Takeshi Tamura, Assistant Professor at the National Institute of Polar Research, Japan, as the Japanese National Representative for SOOS. Takeshi’s research interests include formation processes in polynyas, mapping of sea ice production and heat fluxes, and ice shelf-ocean interactions, specifically in East Antarctica.

SOOS National Representatives help to ensure broad national involvement in SOOS activities and products. They aid in the communication of SOOS activities and products to their respective communities, through regular updates from the International Project Office. They also ensure that SOOS is kept informed of relevant national activities and products. All SOOS National Contacts are invited to attend the annual meeting of the Scientific Steering Committee, to ensure comprehensive international input in the strategic development of SOOS. For more information on national representatives and activities, check out the SOOS website.

We look forward to working with Takeshi in the future!

SOOS Meetings in 2016

The 5th SOOS Scientific Steering Committee meeting will take place in San Diego, USA, during the week of 9th May 2016. The meeting is being hosted by the Scripps Institution of Oceanography and will run jointly with the annual meeting of the Southern Ocean Carbon Chemistry Observations and Modelling (SOCCOM) program, and the annual SOOS Data Management Sub-Committee meeting. The week of meetings will include a joint SOCCOM-SOOS Southern Ocean workshop on the 12th.

New SOOS Endorsed Category

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