SOOS International Planning Workshop:

Implementation of a Southern Ocean Observing System

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  • SOOS Executive Officer 

In June 2015, SOOS held its first international planning workshop ‘Implementation of a Southern Ocean Observing System’. The Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies at the University of Tasmania hosted this workshop, which brought together 55 international Southern Ocean researchers to achieve the following objectives:

1)     Broaden understanding of the vision for SOOS

2)     Develop community consensus on the regions to be represented by SOOS Regional Working Groups.

3)     Develop community consensus on the priority capabilities that need development/refinement, including design of the observing system through identification of EOVs

Following an evening Public Forum and Reception, the two-day workshop started with a host of presentations outlining the 5-Year Strategic Plan and the role of Regional and Capability Working Groups in the implementation of SOOS. All presentations were recorded and are publically available through the SOOS YouTube Channel.

For further information on the outcomes of this workshop, please download the official Workshop Report.

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