SOOS Metadata Portal

The SOOS metadata portal is now live! It contains almost 5000 records, describing research datasets from the physical, chemical, and biological sciences throughout the Southern Ocean, and collected by researchers from many nations.

The SOOS portal is run through NASA’s Global Change Master Directory, and presents a subset of all records in the GCMD that relate to the candidate Essential Ocean Variables (EOVs) that have been identified as the focus of SOOS data efforts.

At the SOOS data management sub-committee meeting in June 2015, the DMSC defined SOOS data as those that are related to oceans, that geographically overlap the region south of 40°S, and that contain a keyword related to one of the EOVs, or that have been specifically tagged as relevant to SOOS. Thus, the portal will actively draw in the vast majority of records that are spatially and thematically relevant to SOOS, as well giving researchers the opportunity to ensure that even atypical records are incorporated, if they are of likely value.

In addition to passively drawing in records that already exist in the GCMD, efforts are underway to draw in new data streams. As two examples, the US National Centers for Environmental Information and the Australian Ocean Data Network are working with GCMD to establish processes to automate the translation of their metadata records into the GCMD. Keep an eye on the portal, as we continue to bring new datasets online in coming months.

New Datasets

Keep an eye on the SOOS metadata portal as new metadata records are starting to flow in from around the world. In coming weeks we hope to share thousands of Australian and US metadata records, along with hundreds of records from researchers in China, Italy, and other countries. Please contact SOOS Data Officer  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  if you have any questions on how to get your metadata into the GCMD, or to help find a home for orphan datasets.

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