Data Management Sub-Committee Meeting

June 8-11 2015

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In June 2015, the SOOS Data Management Sub-Committee met in parallel with the Scientific Steering Committee, to plan our data management activities for the next year. We welcomed Alicia Aleman (NASA’s Global Change Master Directory) and Ken Casey (National Centers for Environmental Information) to the committee as new members. Shortly after the meeting, Jen Thomas (British Antarctic Survey) agreed to join as well. We welcome the contributions of our newest members.


At the meeting, the committee did some important design work on the new SOOS metadata portal.As part of this, we defined what is meant by “SOOS data” - ensuring that the new SOOS metadata portal will draw in only those metadata records that are relevant to the SOOS observing effort. We also worked with the Scientific Steering Committee to identify data repositories and orphan datasets of most interest to SOOS and that should be our highest priorities to bring into the SOOS metadata portal. The committee also began planning for exciting new SOOS data visualisation and coordination tools. The SOOS newsletter will keep you posted on developments on these and other projects. 

The minutes from this meeting are available here

The SOOS DMSC thanks the sponsors for their support of the meeting:

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