SOOS Publications 2015 

Hanne Nielsen (SOOS Communications Assistant)

This year has seen the publication of several important SOOS articles and reports. These include the 3 Year Progress Report, a paper on Observation Activities in the Ross Sea, papers relating to the Year of Polar Prediction (YOPP), CLIVAR, BAMS, WG-EMM, and an Antarctic Treaty paper tabled in Bulgaria. Further details about each of the publications are listed below:

The SOOS 3 Year Report

  • The SOOS 3 Year Report provides an overview of all SOOS activities and products from its launch in August 2011, through to the end of 2014. The report outlines the structure of SOOS and details priorities and milestones achieved. A digital copy of the report is available here.  


Bulletin of the American Meteorology Society Annual State of the Climate Report 2014

  • Bulletin of the American Meteorology Society Annual State of the Climate Report 2014 - SOOS members contributed to Chapter 6 (Antarctica) of the 2014 BAMS State of the Climate Report. A sidebar feature by M Meredith et. al. (p 159) outlines the role of the Southern ocean in global systems, and the role of SOOS in learning more about the Southern Ocean. The feature includes a figure explaining the scientific and societal drivers that require observation in the Southern Ocean. See “Chapter 6: Antarctica”.

Observation Activities in the Ross Sea

  • Observation Activities in the Ross Sea Number 1 in the SOOS Report Series, this document summarises both known and planned observational programmes in the Ross Sea, with the aim of describing observing activities that contribute to the Southern Ocean Observing System (SOOS). In turn, this will allow the identification of significant gaps that restrict the observation and understanding of future change. Written by M Williams et. al. 

Southern Ocean community comment on the Year of Polar Prediction (YOPP) Implementation Plan

  • This document outlines the importance of the Southern Ocean in Climate Predictability, draws links between SOOS and the YOPP, and provides a timetable for planning relevant activities. Number 2 in the SOOS Report Series, this 2015 publication contains contributions from SOOS, CLIVAR-CliC-SCAR Southern Region Panel (SORP), and SCAR. 

Report on 2015 Activities of the Southern Ocean Observing System relevant to the work of CCAMLR (WG-EMM)

  • Third in the SOOS Report Series for 2015, this document was authored by A Constable, O R Godø and L Newman, and presented to the CCAMLR Working Group on Ecosystem Monitoring and Management in Warsaw, Poland (July 2015). The document outlines why regional working groups working on the Southern Ocean will be important to CCAMLR, and explains the particular relevance of the Working Groups on Ecosystems, Acoustics and Monitoring of pack ice seals. Finally, the value of developing a partnership between SOOS and CCAMLR is addressed.The report is available via the SOOS resources database.


CLIVAR Ocean and Climate – Variability, Predictability, and Change

  • Published as part of a special issue on Sustained Observing and Information in Support of Ocean and Climate Research, this paper describes the progress SOOS has made since 2012. It outlines contemporary challenges, identifies data gaps, and explains how the way forward is through implementation of the SOOS 5-year Strategic Plan (2015). The paper argues that “by gathering the research community in this joint effort to unify and promote sustained, integrated measurements in the Southern Ocean we see a path forward to address this great challenge that we face” (24). Written by A Wåhlen et al. CLIVAR Exchanges No. 67, Vol. 19, No. 2, Aug 2015


ATCM Antarctic Treaty Working Paper WP039

  • Australia and New Zealand tabled a working paper entitled “Shared science priorities and cooperation: systematic observations and modelling in the Southern Ocean” at the 2015 ATCMXXXVIII in Sofia, Bulgaria (ATCM 14, CEP7). The working paper noted that “there is a pressing need for improved observations and understanding” in the Southern Ocean, and recommended  “Parties note the importance of Southern Ocean observations and modelling to understanding climate change and the need for international cooperation in this area.” A “Report on the 2014-15 Activities of the Southern Ocean Observing System (SOOS)” was also tabled by SCAR as ATCMXXXVIII IP098 ATCM13 CEP11. For ATS Meeting Documents Click here.
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