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Great view out of the SOOS office window (IMAS UTas) of the Chinese ice breaker "Chinare" docked in Hobart!

New SOOS Endorsed Projects

SOOS has endorsed 3 new research projects over the last few months:

Southern Ocean Network of Acoustics (SONA), PI: Sophie Fielding (BAS, UK)
Southern Ocean Seasonal Cycle Experiment (SOCSEx), PI: Sebastiaan Swart (CIRS, South Africa)
Changes in Stratification at the Antarctic Peninsula (ChinStrAP), PI: Andrew Thompson (CALTECH, USA)

SOOS provides endorsement for individual research projects, large national and international research projects, national and international collaborative and coordination programmes, and data management initiatives. For more information on SOOS Endorsement, including benefits and guidelines, click here.


SOOS National Representatives

SOOS is delighted to welcome Professor Giorgio Budillon and Dr. Javier Arata to SOOS as National Representatives for Italy and Chile, respectively.

SOOS National Representatives SOOS National Representatives help to ensure broad national involvement in SOOS activities and products. They aid in the communication of SOOS activities and products to their respective communities, through regular updates from the International Project Office. They also ensure that SOOS is kept informed of relevant national activities and products. All SOOS National Contacts are invited to attend the annual meeting of the Scientific Steering Committee, to ensure comprehensive international input in the strategic development of SOOS.

We look forward to working with Giorgio and Javier in the future!


New SOOS publications

Congratulations to Angelika Brandt and co-authors for their publication in Advances in Polar Science, which highlights the challenges of deep-sea biodiversity assessments in the Southern Ocean. This publication is an outcome of discussions at the SOOS Asian Workshop (Shanghai, China, May 2013).

A. Brandt, et al., 2014: Challenges of deep-sea biodiversity assessments in the Southern Ocean, Advances in Polar Science, vol 25, doi: 10.13679/j.advps.2014.3.00204

Congratulations also to the SOOS Under Ice Task Team for development of the SOOS International Strategy for Observations Under Ice. This strategy is the result of the 2012 SOOS Under Ice workshop (sponsored by CSIRO Wealth From Oceans Flagship) and includes observations needed for the study of interactions between the atmosphere, ocean and both sea ice and glacial ice, including the sub-ice shelf cavity and deep troughs through which warm ocean waters access the shelf region.

Strategy document available from the SOOS Resources Database.


Ongoing Activities: Update

Air-Sea Fluxes Task Team: The Task Team has secured a host for the planned 2015 workshop - ESRIN (The European Space Research Institute, Frascati, Italy) will host the SOOS workshop as part of a workshop series. More information, including dates of the planned workshop, will be available from the Task Team webpage.

Satellite Data Requirements Task Team: SOOS is delighted to announce that a Task Team has now been developed to compile the data collected by the SOOS-CliC survey on Southern Ocean Satellite Data requirements. Penelope Wagner (Norwegian Meteorological Institute), Allen Pope (NSIDC, USA), and Rob Johnson (Bureau of Meteorology, Australia) will work with CliC and SOOS to publish a report that will provide satellite data providers with a comprehensive overview of multidisciplinary data needs to incorporate into future mission planning. The first draft of the report will be open for comment in early 2015. Keep an eye on the Task Team webpage for updates!

If you would like more information on any of the above, please contact me at the International Project Office!



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