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The SOOS IPO is now hosted in the fantastic new IMAS building on Hobart's waterfront!

SOOS Scientific Steering Committee

There have been some significant changes to the SOOS leadership team since the last newsletter!

Mike Meredith (BAS, UK) stepped down from the Physical Science Co-Chair position due to new work commitments. It was sad to see our inaugural Co-Chair leave this position but we are still blessed with his wisdom as a Scientific Steering Committee (SSC) member! Anna Wåhlin (University of Gothenburg, Sweden) was elected by the SSC as the new Physical Sciences Co-Chair, and will join Oscar Schofield (Biological Sciences Co-Chair) in leading SOOS for the next few years. Welcome Anna!

In addition to this, SOOS has elected two Vice Chairs to ensure continuity in leadership. Andrew Constable (AAD, Australia) was elected as the Biological Sciences Vice Chair, and Sebastiaan Swart (CSIR, South Africa) was elected as the Physical Sciences Vice Chair. Welcome to both Andrew and Sebastiaan!

We also have a new Chair of the Data Management Sub-Committee (DMSC). Our previous Chair, Kim Finney (AAD, Australia) retired from her position in March this year and we welcome Steve Diggs (CCHDO, USA) as the new DMSC Chair!

SOOS is also delighted to announce that we have four new SSC members who will join the SSC at the beginning of 2015! Selected from an international call for nominations, we welcome SangHoon Lee (KOPRI, Korea), Mike Williams (NIWA, New Zealand), Jean-Baptiste Sallee (LOCEAN-IPSL, France), and Matthew Mazloff (Scripps, USA). 

Click here for more information on these, and other SSC members. 

SOOS Sponsorship

SOOS has further enhanced its sponsorship base with some organisations contributing key resources to the SOOS effort.

The University of Gothenburg has sponsored a percentage of Anna Wåhlin’s time to dedicate towards SOOS Co-Chair activities; the U.S. National Science Foundation’s CLIVAR and Carbon Hydrographic Data Office has agreed to provide SOOS with website and programming support; NASA GCMD has agreed to develop and host a SOOS Metadata Portal (presently in beta test version) and the Australian Integrated Marine Observing System (IMOS) will be providing the SOOS International Project Office with financial administration support!

Sponsorship of resources, activities and products is imperative to the success of SOOS and we acknowledge and thank these new sponsors, as well as our existing and past sponsors! Click here for more information on all SOOS sponsors 


SOOS Scientific Steering Committee Meeting

We had a very successful and productive 3rd SSC meeting this year (18-20 June, Tromsö, Norway), and would like to thank our hosts Nalan Koç and Kit Kovacs from the Norwegian Polar Institute, and our sponsors SCAR and SCOR! Among the important discussions at this meeting, was the decision to form a number of SOOS Working Groups to help implement some key activities. Details will be announced in the coming months through the SOOS website, future newsletters and Facebook page. The minutes from this meeting will be available here by the end of September 2014.


Upcoming SOOS Activities at SCAR OSC

SOOS has organised a number of activities alongside the SCAR Open Science Conference in August (Auckland, New Zealand):

1) A Scientific Session during the OSC Observing Antarctica and the Southern Ocean (Convenors: Louise Newman, SangHoon Lee, Craig Cary) on Wed 27th August.

2) A SOOS lunchtime Town Hall meeting to provide an update on recent activities towards identification of ecosystem Essential Ocean Variables (Convenors: Andrew Constable, Oscar Schofield), also on Wed 27th August.

3) The 2nd SOOS Data Management Sub-Committee Meeting, hosted by NIWA (29-30th August). 

We hope to see you all there!


Updates to the SOOS Website

We are in the process of making some big changes to our website! Changes made so far include a more up-to-date and user-friendly homepage that includes quicklinks to the top webpages. Enhanced information on the SOOS vision, objectives, Steering Committee, and (most importantly) current activities have also been added. Additional changes will be made over the coming months, in particular to the SOOS Data webpages, which will soon include detailed information on key data repositories and sources.

Keep an eye on for all updates!


If you would like more information on any of the above, please contact me at the International Project Office

Louise Newman

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