International Project Office News

It’s exciting times for the SOOS International Project Office. We recently received a boost in our support from new sponsors in Tasmania, the Tasmanian Partnership for Advanced Computing and the Tasmanian Government Department of Education, Tourism & the Arts.

With this new support, we will have access to an expert programmer to develop the website when required, along with workshop and general administration support.

Implementation Plan

As SOOS moves from its developmental stage (2011-2013) into the implementation phase, an important new focus is to develop an Implementation Plan, based on community-developed science themes, workplans and the 20-year vision. 

While our previous strategy document provided scientific rationale and identified potential implementation mechanisms, this new plan will identify detailed implementation mechanisms. This plan will summarise the long-term vision for SOOS, outline the vehicles that will be developed and used to carry out specifically defined activities, encompassing both those that are required to drive or facilitate field initiatives and those that are required to drive strategic development and knowledge acquisition.

It will also detail the 10-year workplan for SOOS towards achieving the vision, and propose the governance structure required to implement the workplan. Importantly, this Implementation Plan is linked to a detailed analysis of the priority gaps in observations and requirements for filling these gaps.

New partnerships

To garner collective resources to meet our priorities, new partnerships will be critical, and a prospectus is being developed to open the door on new international relationships. On offer will be a range of investment options designed to ensure that we can continue the important work of integrating ocean observations in the Southern Ocean, across political and funding boundaries.


We also have a new Communications Officer, Jess Tyler, who will be working proactively to help to ensure that all our stakeholders are receiving the best possible information about the achievements of the ocean observing community working in the South. SOOS now has a greater capacity to receive and distribute more news in all directions throughout the Southern Ocean observing community.

If you’d like to hear more about any of the above initiatives, please contact me at the International Project Office This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


SOOS Steering Committee Meeting

The next SOOS Steering Committee will be 18-20 June 2015 in Norway, kindly hosted by the Norwegian Polar Institute. 

Call for nominations 

Nominations are open for new members to join the SOOS Scientific Steering Committee (SSC). (see for information on current SSC members).

We are keen to ensure broad national coverage on the SSC. Nominations of experts from all disciplines will be considered, however we are particularly interested in nominations from experts in:

  • Ocean/ice-sheet dynamics
  • Technologists (e.g., hardware, cyber infrastructure)
  • Data assimilation

Ideally, candidates would be present at the upcoming SSC meeting in Norway in June 2014. Nominees should be highly regarded for their scientific excellence, have close connections to the community that they represent, and should be willing to actively participate in the implementation of SOOS.

Nominations should include a cover letter stating the nominee’s motivation to be involved, CV highlighting relevant experience (6 pages maximum), and letter of support from the nominator. Please send nominations (including self-nominations) to Louise Newman by the 17 February 2014.


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