New Southern Ocean Knowledge and Information wiki (SOKI)

The new Southern Ocean Knowledge and Information wiki (SOKI) aims to provide a source of standardised and validated (peer-reviewed) reference material on Southern Ocean ecosystems and on the research tools used in the region.

Currently with 174 active users from 14 countries, SOKI also provides a forum for researchers to exchange and link information, ideas and commentaries, as well as being used to coordinate research projects.

SOKI provides a range of efficiencies, from managing information content input and updating new information, extracting information, and involving a community of users.

At present, SOKI is divided into four main sections:

1. Knowledge: consolidates the output of research and provides an information base to support future and current projects, theoretical developments and policy initiatives. 

2. Review: builds on the information in the Knowledge space, providing reviews, syntheses, gap analyses, opinions on research directions, policy/management applications of knowledge and tools, or summaries of the policy and administrative environment in which science may play a part.

3. Research: describes current research activities and projects, and details of the research community.

4. Tools: outlines available tools for research, including descriptions of methods, indicators, links to datasets, portals or descriptions of data generated by projects.

These sections are structured around the questions:

  • 'What do we know?'
  • 'How is the knowledge used?'
  • 'What research is being done, by whom and how?'

Access to the SOKI wiki is available by registering for an account at In the coming months, content from the wiki will be made available in the public domain on the SOOS website. 

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