The international Global Ocean Ship-Based Hydrographic Investigations Program (GO-SHIP), co-chaired by Bernadette Sloyan and Chris Sabine, has been strengthened this year by additional committee members Isabelle Ansorge and Mauricio Mata, and now focuses more on Southern Ocean research activities. Martin Kramp (JCOMMOPS) also joined GO-SHIP as coordinator, and is responsible for updating the global cruise plan.  

GO-SHIP now provides overall management by bringing together users and collectors of hydrographic data to globally coordinate this network of sustained hydrographic sections as part of the global ocean/climate observing system.

In collaboration with JCOMMOPS and IOC-UNESCO) GO-SHIP is also developing partnerships with the sailing community and ocean races.

GO-SHIP will use the round-the-world yacht race format to regularly deploy instruments, and gather data with small, innovative underway systems. A prototype (OceanoScientific System) is currently on a test cruise in the Atlantic, and the French Institute has already evaluated a former version for Exploration of the Sea and the emerging data has satisfied the quality needs for such a difficult platform.

At the Paris Boat Show recently, GO-SHIP announced that the Barcelona World Race will be the first race to gather data during the race with a mini underway system and will also involve deploying Argo floats, which is around Antarctica often a difficult task to organise in this remote and wild region. Watch the announcement from the Paris Boat Show (twitter, in French).

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