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SOOS Asian Workshop

Shanghai, China, 23-24 May 2013

The SOOS Scientific Steering Committee is convening a 2-day workshop to highlight Asian activities in Southern Ocean observations and research, and to stimulate discussion about enhanced involvement in SOOS from Asian countries.

The SOOS Asian Workshop will provide an opportunity to highlight research and observations being undertaken by Asian countries in the Southern Ocean and to stimulate discussion, and foster further involvement, from Asian countries in SOOS activities.

Day 1 of the workshop will feature oral presentations by representatives from the Asian scientific community to illustrate their national and organizational research and observation activities and capabilities (current and planned) in the Southern Ocean. SOOS Scientific Steering Committee (SSC) members will also present an overview of their international activities in the Southern Ocean. 

Attendance on Day 1 of the workshop is open to all interested parties, but registration is essential. 

To register to attend Day 1 please contact the SOOS International Project Office by 23 April 2013.

Day 2 of the workshop is closed (invited participants and SSC members only) for small working group discussions. Requests to attend Day 2 will also be considered. 

Information for all SOOS Asian Workshop participants:

  • Prospectus - general information about the Workshop objectives, structure, and invitation to attend.
  • Workshop venue and accommodation.
  • Visa requirements for China.
  • Sponsors - the SOOS Asian Workshop is generously sponsored by the following organisations:

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