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Developing the West Antarctic Peninsula International Network within SOOS


The 1st Workshop of the SOOS West Antarctic Peninsula Regional Working Group (WAP WG)

Aurora Conference Centre, British Antarctic Survey, Cambridge, UK, 15-16 May 2017

This workshop will focus on the development of the West Antarctic Peninsula Working Group, including building the community, identifying existing activities and observational gaps, aligning data efforts, and articulation of an action plan moving forward. The workshop is sponsored by the British Antarctic Survey, SCAR and SOOS.


Contacts: Kate Hendry, Oscar Schofield, Sian Henley

Download first circular here


The aims of this workshop are to share information about the existing sustained observational programs on the WAP and plans/aspirations for their futures, to discuss how a WAP component of SOOS might be constructed int he context of these activities, and how such a system might best be implemented and operated.

Registration and Participation

This workshop is open to all interested, but space is limited. To register your interest to attend, please supply your details here


Workshop Structure:

The workshop will run over two days, and will consist of invited presentations and open discussions within four topical sessions, as well as two open lunch-time poster sessions. The four topical sessions are:


1) How is the ocean climate changing at the Peninsula?


2) Tracing inputs and outputs: What are the challenges and priorities for biogeochemical research at the WAP?


3) Changing food webs: Driven by local, regional or global change?


4) Documenting and Understanding Change: What are the gaps and how do we fill them?

Travel and Accommodation

For information on travel to Cambridge and BAS, and suggestions for accommodation in the area, please download this document

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