Ross Sea Working Group - In development

The Ross Sea WG will assist delivery of coordinated and, where possible, standardised observations of essential physical, chemical and biological variables in the West Antarctic Peninsula in the Southern Ocean in support of SOOS objectives.


The Ross Sea is one of the most active sectors for Southern Ocean and Antarctic research, and forms a natural region for a working group. A previous SOOS Ross Sea Task Team developed a summary of observational efforts in the region, and this has served as a basis for the development of the regional working group. The recent announcement of the Ross Sea Marine Protected Area (MPA) is providing impetus to develop this working group, as the research needs of the MPA have strong synergies with those SOOS. This group is co-chaired by SOOS SSC member Dr Mike Williams (National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research, NZ) and Dr Walker Smith (Virginia Institute for Maine Science, USA), and is currently recruiting members with expertise in biogeochemistry, physical oceanography, biological oceanography and sea ice, from nations with active research programs in the Ross Sea.


Following development of the Terms of References for this WG, the first step to coordinating research in the Ross Sea will be through a workshop in China in 2017. More information will be available shortly. 


If you are interested to keep informed of the upcoming activities of this group, please contact Mike Williams.


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