Southern Ocean Indian Sector Working Group


The Southern Ocean Indian Sector Working Group (SOIS WG) will assist delivery of coordinated and, where possible, standardised observations of essential physical, chemical and biological variables in the Indian Sector in the Southern Ocean in support of SOOS objectives


Current Activities



The Southern Ocean Indian Sector Working Group (SOIS WG) is currently planning its first workshop for August 2017. Please register your interest with SOIS Co-Chair Andrew Constable, to be kept informed as information becomes available. The workshop will be open to anyone interested and involved in observational activities in the Indian Sector (although numbers will be limited by room capacity).



SOIS Status

SOIS has initial approval by SOOS EXCOM and is currently building membership.

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Southern Ocean
Indian Sector 
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Terms of Reference

SOIS will fulfil the following terms of reference over the next 5 years:

  1. Develop and enable regional-scale observing in the Indian Sector using SOOS best practice for observing system in this region.
  2. Identify and assemble legacy data sets and sampling techniques of ships and stations in the Indian Sector of the Southern Ocean in order to provide best practice sampling protocols for physical, chemical and biological parameters to enable their standardisation. Sampling approaches and recommendations will be made available on the SOOS Web site.
  3. Based on the experience in SOIS, identify gaps and bottlenecks in the observation systems and contribute to SOOS in addressing these issues. Facilitate co-ordinated and, where possible, multidisciplinary (physical, chemical and biological) observations of the Indian Sector of the Southern Ocean. Plans, operations and meta-data will be made available on the SOOS web site to help collaboration amongst the international community.
  4. Facilitate and, when needed, develop procedures to achieve efficient sharing of data across the science community according to SOOS data policy.
  5. Convene focussed sessions at national and international meetings, including SCAR and SCOR, and Facilitate synthesis products, to increase the awareness of the science community to the importance of the Indian Sector of the Southern Ocean.
  6. Provide support to International Program Office (IPO) by providing annual reports to be available at the SOOS SSC annual meeting, as well as providing content for the IPO website/newsletters on the activities and outcomes of SOIS.
  7. Develop a funding plan to sustain the Working Group activities. Have products coming out of the WG acknowledge SOOS.
  8. Contribute to international initiatives assessing the state of the SO.


This WG is open to all interested participants, please contact the Co-Chairs if you wish to be involved.

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AUS Ecosystem observations and modelling Co-Chair (other Co-Chair TBA)
SOOS SSC Sponsor 


Planned Products and Outcomes

  1. Table of existing sampling practices of ships and stations in the region posted on SOOS Web site, along with planned activities. 

  2. Identification of gaps in observations and possible means of coordinating between nations to deliver a comprehensive suite of observations from the region. 

  3. Agreement for data sharing among the science community and provision of data streams to SOOS. 

  4. Publications in a peer-reviewed journal on latest evidence for dynamics and change in the region and future research priorities. 

  5. Deliver innovative products identified as SOOS contributions, which can be used by researchers to solve science and management problems. 

  6. Documentation and guidelines to facilitate national operators following the best practice for collection of data on priority variables.

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