SOOS Capability Working Groups


Capability Working Groups (CWGs) develop important capabilities for SOOS, such as:

  • Developing and implementing technologies
  • Improving observational design (e.g., identifying key variables), efficiency and coverage
  • Developing associated methods for managing and disseminating information.


Existing Capability Working Groups

Censusing Animal Populations from Space (CAPS)

Southern Ocean Flux (SOFLUX)

Observing and Understanding the Ocean below Antarctic Sea Ice and Ice Shelves (OASIIS)

Blue and Fin Whale Acoustic Trends (AT)

Observing System Design (OSD)


Propose a new Capability Working Group

To propose a new working group, please download the proposal template here.

Once complete, please email your proposal to Louise Newman (newman [at] The proposal will be considered by the SOOS Executive Committee before approval by the Scientific Steering Committee.


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